Tuesday, May 26, 2009

pizza prank

this is a new online article im trying out for the Pillage site. 

its about pranks to do to your boss so that your day will go by quicker.

So the first one is something I used to do when I was working at A Pizza joint. One of the things we had to do everyday is fold like 500 pizza boxes, stick some parchment paper in it then glue a coupon to the top.

here is the prank.

1. fold the first hundred or so the right way.

2. so now Instead of putting the parchment paper in the box and the coupon on top, reverse it put the coupon in the box and glue the parchment paper to the top. do this for like five or six boxes

3. fold the rest of the boxes correctly then put the incorrect boxes in the center of the stack of ones folded the right way.

alright what happens is that when it get super busy the boss always thinks they need to be in the kitchen but all they do is fuck shit up and get stressed out. About this time he grabs one of the fucked up pizza boxes and shit hits the fan.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

badsket ball

"I like Orlando"
Charles Barkley.

me too. 

Barkley vs Welsh

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

blogged all over myself

 Who blogged first? 

Pillage crew met up in Austin. Robbie, Virginia, EJ, Max, Lilly the dog, DEmmi, and Chris at Find and Grind made this trip a great one. Thanks everyone.