Wednesday, June 10, 2009

work pranks

ever been driving then notice that people are giving you weird looks or honking for no reason? I have. Ever get out of your car and notice that you have been driving around with a bumper sticker that says Cowboys butts drive me nuts. I have. Its a simple prank but its hilarious. try it out here are some good ones.

work pranks

ever been driving around and you start to notice people are honking or giving you wierd looks, and your like what the fuck is going on am i crazy or something, then like a week later you notice a bumper sticker on your car that says Cowboys butts drive me Nuts. I have.

its a fun prank cause it last for a good week or so. you gotta be careful cause some people are freaks about there car, and i would stay away for anything religious or political unless you really know the person.

Some really funny ones are when you put something really feminine on a guys car, anything about cats, or gnomes or fairies is hilarious. here are a few examples.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

grown up wrong

Been riding round lots lately and i heard some new stuff that would be cool to use for a skate vid part, if i was good enough to film a part that is.

first up Lonesome Tonight by New Order. I know that New Order has been done to death in vids over the past few years but I always liked this one. Its got the little classic build up at the beginning that would be cool for like your name to come up to and some effects cause you got to have special effects right?  just as long as there is no damn super 8 of birds flying in slow motion. I hate birds. anyway get the ledge work done early on in the song, then during like the last minute of the song which is all instrumental Im gonna be grinding 60 stair rails, and jumping over the Springfield gourge and shit all slow mo. rad. 
some dudes i think could use this part. Brian Anderson, Danny Way mega rap would be sick, Heath Kirchart, Mike Carroll, anyone who rips really except could use this song except for that guy Marc Johnson he should never skate to New Order that would suck.

Next woud be Stand Ablaze by In Flames off the Subterranean EP
This song is like some crazy video game sounding Metal its the most epic sounding shit ever so i guess ill never get to use it in a skate vid. If i did this would be the song for my Vert part. No one would watch it though unless, they lost the remote to the dvd player or something. 
Darren Naverrete would be sicko.

thats all i got working on some more work pranks and i got some photo out-takes from the upcoming issue which im starting on today.