Sunday, November 22, 2009

og g ville

mandible claw came though with some south floridians and also a few Gainesvillians so i thought i would post some old Gainesville stuff.

mason wells smoke ramp

ethan tilton on campus by that spot were Ron whaley had a run.

white church rail. NEil Mims kickflipped a wierd gap in the back.
kosick Pissed on the sign.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

long time jerk

i visited chicago recently and had a awesome time thanks to my host DEmtri and Paloma.
and my girlfriend Rachel who bought the plane tickets and the tickets to the Pierced Arrows show for my birf day. heres some pics and captions.

DEmetris cover from issue five i think
also the first ever post.

I met TOOdy Cole. Best rock n roll around

Rachel paid for the plane and concert tickets so i bought
us a round in the photo booth and got a peck on the cheek outta
the deal. SPanning Time.

you got a guy. Yellow and black Killa beez or latin kings?
Demtri from issue five cover.

got stuck in memphis for like three hours so i drew
on some recipts.

more pierced arrows stuff later on issues. if you dont know who they are buy
a dead moon album or check the flick unknow passage. chicago is cool.